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St Paul's NS, Walshestown National School, Drogheda Co Louth

Child Safe Guarding Risk Assessment

Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment                      

(of any potential harm)

List of School Activities  


The school has identified the following risk of harm in respect of its activities


The school has the following procedures in place to address the risks of harm identified in this assessment
Teachers and all staff Un-vetted personnel working in the school


Harm not recognised or reported promptly by staff members

Garda Vetting Procedures


Child Safeguarding Statement & DES procedures made available to all staff

DLP& DDLP to attend PDST face to face training in May.

All Staff to view Túsla training module & any other online training offered by PDST

BOM records all records of staff and board training

One to one teaching Harm  by school personnel  
External personnel to support curriculum during school times. during school times


Harm to pupils Policy & Procedures on supervising external personnel


Garda Vetting Procedures

Class Teaching Supervision

Student teachers undertaking training placement in school


  Garda Vetting


Child Safeguarding Statement & DES procedures made available to all staff

Class Teacher supervision

Work Experience SNA undertaking training placement in school


  Garda Vetting


Child Safeguarding Statement & DES procedures made available to all staff

Supervision of SNA placement personnel

Intimate Care policy

Students participating in work experience eg. TY secondary school students or DIFE students Harm by student Garda Vetting


Work experience policy/procedures.

Care of Children with special needs, including intimate care needs Harm by school personnel Policy on Intimate care


Toileting policy

One to one teaching/policy                                   One to one supervision procedures

Appropriate affirmation and correction procedures

Care of pupils with medical needs Harm by school personnel Administration of Medication policy
Care of pupils who need First Aid   First Aid procedures
Care of children with specific vulnerabilities/ needs such as LGBT, Members of the travelling community, minority religious faiths, pupils from ethnic minorities/migrants, children in care. Bullying Anti-Bullying Policy


Code of Behaviour

Pupils with challenging behaviour, including appropriate use of restraint Injury or harm to pupils and staff Restraint Policy


Health & Safety Policy

Code Of Behaviour

Appropriate affirmation and correction procedures

All pupils Harm to pupils by other pupils and staff Code of Behaviour


Anti-Bullying Policy

Appropriate affirmation and correction procedures

Learning Support/ Resource pupils Harm to pupils One to one teaching policy


Appropriate affirmation and correction procedure

Curricular Provision in respect of SPHE, RSE, Stay safe and Anti Bullying Non-teaching of same School implements SPHE, RSE, Stay Safe in full


Outdoor teaching activities eg. trips to the beach,  nature trails, field trips etc Harm from strangers Supervision Policy
Use of Information and Communication Technology by pupils in school




Danger from stranger

Danger from inappropriate content

ICT/AUP policy


Anti-Bullying Policy

Code of Behaviour

Application of sanctions under the school’s Code of Behaviour including detention of pupils, confiscation of phones etc.


  Detention Procedures


Interviewing/investigating incidents procedures

Daily arrival and dismissal of pupils Harm from older pupils, unknown adults on the playground, parental access Morning Yard Supervision Procedures


Dismissal Procedures

Parental drop off and collection procedures.

Recreation breaks for pupils Bullying


Parental Access

Anti Bullying Policy


Supervision Policy

Visitors during break times

Toilet areas: in class, Junior Infants toilets during break times, assisting a child in the toilet Inappropriate behaviour Usage and supervision policy


Assisting a pupil in the toilet procedure.

School Tours, trips etc Harm to pupil Vetting of Venues, Supervision on tours/ Public access
Use of buses


  Vetted bus drivers/ Transport policy


Supervision on buses

Sporting and Cultural Activities, Football matches, athletics, concerts, performances


  Supervision Policy


Transport Policy

Annual Sports Day


  Supervision policy

Important Note:  It should be noted that risk in the context of this risk assessment is the risk of  “harm” as defined in the Children First Act 2015 and not general health and safety risk.  The definition of harm is set out in Chapter 4 of the Child Protection Procedures for Primary and Post- Primary  Schools 2017

In undertaking this risk assessment, the board of management has endeavoured to identify as far as possible the risks of harm that are relevant to this school and to ensure that adequate procedures are in place to manage all risks identified.  While it is not possible to foresee and remove all risk of harm, the school has in place the procedures listed in this risk assessment to manage and reduce risk to the greatest possible extent.

This risk assessment has been reviewed by the Board of Management on 22/8/22.  It will be reviewed as part of the school’s annual review of its Child Safeguarding Statement.